Why should I register?

We offer new and unique games! We are home to fantastic games that can"t be found anywhere else. Before playing our games for real money you need to register an account. Signing up is easy and completely free.

How do I register?

It’s so easy to join! From the main lobby click on the "Sign up" button and from here simply follow the on screen prompts.

Do I need to provide ID when opening an account?

We use the latest technology to perform necessary security and age verification checks - this means that in the vast majority of cases, we’re able to automatically verify your details. In the event that we’re unable to do this, we may ask you to provide relevant documentation to satisfy regulatory or legal requirements.  These items can include, but are not limited to, passport, driving licence and utility bills. We may also need to ask for additional documents at a later date.

Is your site secure?

Your personal information is kept secure at all times. Your password is not visible to anyone including internal staff and should not be disclosed. If you feel that your information has been compromised please change your password and let Customer Support know as soon as possible. 
We follow industry-wide best practice to keep your account safe by using the strictest processes to ensure that your details are stored securely and we have implemented strict data protection and storage policies which meet UK and EU standards.

Why can’t I login?

You should ensure that you are entering the correct login details, should you enter these details incorrectly ten times your account will be locked as a security precaution, in this case you will be required to contact us. In all cases please make a note of any messages you are receiving and contact our Customer Support team who will be able to assist you.

What if I have forgotten my password or username?

If you have forgotten your password or username please contact Customer Support and we will then take you through a simple but secure authentication process, before your details are re-issued. Alternatively, you can use the Forgot Password link at the bottom of the Login page.